IOC Company, L.L.C's primary market is the highway and road industry. We have carefully managed the rapid growth of our company by diversifying into different markets and excelling as a top performer in the industry. This includes a total commitment to safety, quality, training, technology and integrity.

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  • HUB
  • Associated General Contractors of Texas Highway, Heavy, Utilities and Industrial branch

IOC Company, L.L.C. takes pride in our active participation in the communities our operations affect, and giving back to those communities and the Owners who have made us successful. We believe this active community involvement plays a vital part in our commitment not only to the construction industry, but also to the members of the communities that we affect.

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Company, L.L.C. is a full-service heavy-civil contractor whose focus is building highways, airfields, streets & local roads, parking lots, and industrial pavements. Company, L.L.C. strives for efficient operations and to be accountable while maintaining principled relationships with our customers. We believe partnering and teamwork are essential to providing the product and services our customers deserve.

Not just roads - We’re building communities.